Mahwah bride surprised by Andrea Bocelli appearance at her wedding

Last month, a New Jersey wedding ceremony just went larger when Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli made an appearance at the end of the marriage ceremony quite surprisingly.

The wedding on Halloween started as planned as Michele Walsh, 32, waited for Rev. Kevin Gugliotta to end the Mass.
After that, she noticed an anticipative look on his face. Out of her eyes corner, she saw many cameramen go to the entrance of the church. A man who remarkably looked like Andrea Bocelli walked in. When he came to the podium, Walsh finally realized that it was Andrea Bocelli. He thought: “Why is he here? What happened?”
Now she could thank Good Morning America and Andrea himself for that. The Italian singer really wanted to surprise a local pair while he was in the area. Brian Delia, Wedding photographer, helped Andrea settle on the wedding of Walsh to Ales Dolinar.
When Michele was all in the dark, Dolinar, her mom Lorraine and Gugliotta were in on surprise. It was a conflict for Lorraine not to spill all her secret to her ‘little’ daughter. Lorraine told that if it got out, this would not have taken place. Therefore, she had to keep this a secret. She was busting though.
Michele was very appreciative of the surprise. She loves to play the flute and she listened to classical music even when she was a little. The Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli sang “Sorridi amore vai,” a track from one of the couple’s favorite films, “Life Is Beautiful.”

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