Colorful reactions to My Big Fat Asian Wedding

My Big Fat Asian Wedding of Channel 4 has shown the audience a glimpse into the grand and exciting worlds of Asian weddings as well as Asian wedding planning.

Focusing on Raj Somaiya, who is one of the most busybodied Asian wedding planners, and his group who throw some of the most lavish blockbuster Asian weddings, the documentary traveled the United Kingdom showcasing some extravagant events.

Raj, the wedding planner led the way and when Twitter was not responding to his charm, business ideas as well as whit, they were responding to his colorful language. One of the viewer told: “This guy on My Big Fat Asian Wedding has got such a foul mouth it’s hilarious.”

The documentary feature saw the team book the top of venues as well as state that it is all about their reputation. Raj told that when it come to success in this business, it is all about reputation  it is everything.

The show began with a young pair who overcame race as well as social stigmas to make the biggest of weddings a reality.

In one of his weddings, Rupmini was getting all set tie the knot with Craig with a huge lavish wedding ceremony, and it was not just about what her father thought but the community too.

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